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Song- Fever Dream by Iron & Wine


Photoshop.com vs. Photobucket.com

I just logged in to photobucket.com for the first time in about a year and found many changes. I found that now I can edit pictures! I used photobucket regularly to upload and share pictures but never to edit. The editing station was easy to use but did not give many options like Photoshop.com. I would say that photoshop.com is a much better editing source. The two sites have a lot of the same options but photobucket.com goes more in depth and has steps to edit the pictures further. They can be done up as much or as little as you want. As I went back in to photobucket I actually found more options to edit pictures. There are many to choose from and it appears to be very new but some things are a little tacky…
Here is the same picture that I edited twice. The one on the top is from photoshop.com and the bottom is from photobucket.com