How I feel about Blogging

although i personally have never worked or used a blog other than Spanish class, i would like to learn. i think it would be something good to know. one of my best friends uses a blog daily, posting an posting all throughout the day, whenever she sees something exciting online or something big going on in her life,she posts…She is the perfect example of a blogger. a blog is just a place to empty your thoughts and share what you would like many ways, it’s an updated version of a diary. but in these modern times, we now share what’s on our minds where as years ago, we would have kept it all to ourselves because it wasn’t a “society norm.”a blog can be used to teach, to express, to show, to be nothing at all. just matter floating around the web. if someone writes it, someone else will read it. I guess oneof the best things about a blog that creates a mass over a regular diary or journal, is that you can really get creative with your blogs. adding color, different text,
pictures, fonts, posting things from other people blogs into your own blog.
when i was younger, writing in a diary was never my thing, and using a blog isn’t really my thing either. i feel that if i am weekly working on a blog in class, it will expand my creativity because i will be using the web for more that just facebook and emails from my boss telling me about Costco trips. 🙂


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