Ways to promote your blog!

In order for people to notice and read your blog, you need to put it out there for people to read. You can promote it many ways like adding the link to the end of emails, posting on facebook, myspace, twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, youtube, or any website that you use or work from. Social media is a great way to put your blog out there. The more you put the link out there, the higher up it shows up in search engines. On the actual blog you can post the RSS so that people can get emails when you post something new. The post goes to them without them having to go to the blog, therefore it reminds them to check and read.
When it comes to a blog, people are going to read what they’re interested in. therefore you need to write about topics that you know people will want to further discuss and comment about. The site should look clean, attractive and crisp. Personally, I don’t like to waste my time on a website where everything is jumbled and sloppy. It distracts from the actual content and makes getting to the point difficult. When people see something they like, they will usually share it. Thus, promoting your blog even more.
Consistency is key. Keeping the same formats and ideas helps the reader of the blog better understand where you’re going with your writing. You don’t want to be all over the place or people will lose interest. There is a fine line in repeating your message to the readers and spamming the readers. Posting the same ideas to get the point across is one thing; posting the same thing is another. DON’T spam, or your blog will not be promoted, but deleted.



The Committee on Temporary Shelter is located in the heart of Burlington, Vermont and is a place where suffering families and people without a place to stay can go to when they are in times of need. The COTS mission statement reads:

The Committee on Temporary Shelter (COTS) provides emergency shelter, services, and housing for people who are homeless or marginally housed in Vermont. COTS advocates for long-term solutions to end homelessness.

We believe:

  • in the value and dignity of every human life.
  • that housing is a fundamental human right.
  • that emergency shelter is not the solution to homelessness

There are currently six different locations where help and shelter is available in Burlington.  COTS has a long history, it all began in 1982 when they opened their doors on Christmas Eve. in 1983, they finally opened year round as a non-profit housing community. In 1988, the organization took on the problem of whole families facing homelessness and turned an abandoned firehouse into a new place of residence in Burlington. The history keeps going and COTS keeps getting better. The one things that isn’t getting better is homelessness. It’s a serious issue that needs to be solved. But until it is solved, places like COTS will be around to help those in need. There are many things you can do to help with COTS; like participating in the COTS walk each year, volunteering at a shelter or donating like my family does.

How I feel about Blogging

although i personally have never worked or used a blog other than Spanish class, i would like to learn. i think it would be something good to know. one of my best friends uses a blog daily, posting an posting all throughout the day, whenever she sees something exciting online or something big going on in her life,she posts…She is the perfect example of a blogger. a blog is just a place to empty your thoughts and share what you would like to.in many ways, it’s an updated version of a diary. but in these modern times, we now share what’s on our minds where as years ago, we would have kept it all to ourselves because it wasn’t a “society norm.”a blog can be used to teach, to express, to show, to be nothing at all. just matter floating around the web. if someone writes it, someone else will read it. I guess oneof the best things about a blog that creates a mass over a regular diary or journal, is that you can really get creative with your blogs. adding color, different text,
pictures, fonts, posting things from other people blogs into your own blog.
when i was younger, writing in a diary was never my thing, and using a blog isn’t really my thing either. i feel that if i am weekly working on a blog in class, it will expand my creativity because i will be using the web for more that just facebook and emails from my boss telling me about Costco trips. 🙂

What is a Blog?

I know by now, you have heard the term blog. Perhaps you have even started one. If so, you probably can skip over this post; but if the idea is one you’ve heard of but never have tried doing, then please continue reading.
TerminologyLet’s start with the terminology. There are a variety of terms that you’ll see floating around when people talk about blogs:

•   A blog is a journal or newsletter that is updated regularly and is intended for general public consumption. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author of the web site. You can also see this term used as a verb; for example, “I’m going to blog before going to work this morning.” When used like this it is the same as blogging.

•   Blogging is the activity of updating a blog. Blogging can be done daily, weekly, or monthly using whatever time period the author feels adequate. The most popular blogs are updated frequently, usually daily. The software that is used for updating the blog is usually very simple requiring that people have little or no technical background.

•   The Blogger is the person maintains the blog and who does the updating of it.

When blogs first started, bloggers usually wrote about their daily life and activities and that still is taking place today; however, The scope of what people write about has changed tremendously since the early days of blogging.

Bloggers are now changing the way news, information, and opinions are shared.

One of the best discussions of what a blog is and how they are used to share news is Blogs in Plain English found on YouTube.

Who Blogs?People just like you. Once they have the background and understanding of just how their blog software works, a very small learning curve, blogging becomes a very simple thing to do. Blogging has become for many people a hobby, they do it regularly. In 2008 Technorati reported that there are 900,000 blog posts every 24 hours! While there is some debate over just how rapidly the number of blogs and bloggers are growing, they are growing and today there are more blogs than there ever before. The growth in the number of blogs and the number of people posting to blogs is nothing short of amazing.

Why do people want to blog?I believe people blog because we love to communicate with each other. The internet provides access to people all over the world for sharing ideas and interests. For example, you may find it difficult to find people in your small town who have your interests in the environment but when you make your ideas and thoughts available to people all over the world, one voice can quickly become many. Never before have average people like you or me had the ability or opportunity to reach a global audience so simply and easily.

Examples of Blogs
Boing BoingBoing Boing is a weblog of cultural curiosities and interesting technologies. It’s the most popular blog in the world, as ranked by Technorati.com, and won the Lifetime Achievement and Best Group Blog awards at the 2006 Bloggies ceremony.
The Official Google BlogNews about all things Google
TMZEntertainment News, Celebrity Gossip and News
eBizMBA maintains a list of the 15 most popular blogs as does Technorati whose list is expanded to the top 100 blogs. I encourage you to take a look at these lists.
I think you’ll find that blogs can cover just about any subject you can possibly imagine. It is an enjoyable experience and you will find that you will encounter people and ideas from all over the world.
Why not get started today?

How to Get Started?There are a number of blogging services available that are free or low cost. Below is my list, if you find there are others, by all means let me know.
•   Blogger•   Class Blogmeister•   21Classes•   WordPress